At the end of every year I like to reflect and consider what has happened during the previous year. I get excited to spend some private time looking at my calendar, my journal and pictures to piece together my take away for the year. Each year’s reflection looks different and this year is no exception. Some years I write long journal entries about the previous year or I reflect in my mind or with a trusted friend about what I saw as the ups and downs of my life. No matter which method I chose I like to end the year considering what worked and what didn’t. This reflection of the previous year can focus on several aspects of my life or a few. Some areas of my life I explore are:

  • Self
  • Family/Friends
  • Work/Education
  • Creative
  • Spiritual
  • Home
  • Money/Finances

I examine each of these areas and determine if there is something that I need to release and change so I don’t continue it into the New Year. Or I see if there is an area that I want to focus and do more of in the New Year. Ending the old year in this way gives me the ability to start new in the next year. For me, this is a time to start fresh. When considering what the past year has meant you could think about these questions:

  • What was the general theme for this past year?
  • If you use one to three words to guide your year, as I do- what happened?
  • If you made a Vision Board what has changed? What is the same?
  • What was positive during the year?
  • What was difficult during the year?
  • Is there anything to be released?
  • Is there a word that reflects what you want to bring into the New Year?

Using the above questions can be helpful at the end the year, so you can get some perspective regarding where you are now and for preparing a foundation for something new ahead. I am excited for the potential of this New Year and hope you are too. How do you plan to let go of the old year? Let us know below.

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