I have been feeling overloaded lately and I have been turning to my wellness tools to deal with the feelings. Stress eating can be the way to handle feeling overloaded, especially over the holidays. It seems to show up a lot this time of year, so I dedicated the 2 most recent podcasts on stress eating.

I invite you to have a listen on the Feed Your Soul with Kim Podcast and get a handle on the stress, so it does not turn into overeating.

Episode 27 – What is Stress Eating?

In this podcast we discuss:

  • What is stress eating?
  • How stress eating makes your stress worse.
  • Come away ways to manage stress differently.


Episode 28- Beat Holiday Stress

  • What are the 7 causes of holiday stress?
  • Learn the 7 stress busters that will get you into action now.
  • Come away with a doable to start this week to lessen stress this holiday.

The Feed Your Soul with Kim Podcast is available on our favorite podcast platform including:

IHeart: https://www.iheart.com/podcast/966-feed-your-soul-with-kim-45912016/

These podcasts are quick (usually no more than 30 minutes) and each gives you a doable at the end to
feel like you really accomplished something.

End Emotional Eating

Kim McLaughlin M.A. is a counselor and a motivational coach working with people who engage in emotional eating or binge eating. She is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. If you are in need of services contact Kim McLaughlin here.

Kim is the author of the best-selling book Feed Your Soul; Nourish Your Life! A Six Step System to Peace with Food. Learn more about her book here.

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