We are still at the start of the year and there is still all the information about dieting out there. Do you have the same mindset about food that you had last year? If you do, this podcast will help you determine how to look at food, dieting, and your body differently.

This week’s podcast is from a community call I had done previously, and as I listened to it I thought there were so many takeaways that I wanted to share it with you.

Episode 37 – New Year New Mindset

Join us on the Feed Your Soul with Kim Podcast as we discuss:

  • 3 strategies to engage in a new mindset.
  • How does deprivation and rebellion go together?
  • Why losing weight is never good enough.
  • Five steps you can take now to have a different outcome. 

End Emotional EatingKim McLaughlin M.A. is a counselor and a motivational coach working with people who engage in emotional eating or binge eating. She is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. If you are in need of services contact Kim McLaughlin here. Kim is the author of the best-selling book Feed Your Soul; Nourish Your Life! A Six Step System to Peace with Food. Learn more about her book here. Kim McLaughlin has been identified as writing one of the Top 50 Blogs about Emotional Eating by the Institute on Emotional Eating. Sign up for her free Special Report: Top Strategies to End Binge Eating here or visit her website at   www.FeedYourSoulTherapy.com.

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