I love the start of the New Year, for me, it is a time to reflect and map out what I want in the New Year. I used to think I had to have all of my reflection and planning done by January 1 every year. I now know that there is time to reflect as January moves in and then time to focus on the year ahead. In other words, if you have not done any reflection on the old year by now, it is not too late!

I learn so much when I reflect on the year prior and plan my goals for the New Year. Please note, this does not include “resolutions” which are often not accomplished and abandoned by mid- February (see my podcast below). 

Each New Year, I love creating Vision Boards. It gives me a visual picture and key words to guide me throughout the year.

My friend Erin Summ is offering a virtual Vision Board Workshop called Confident Visionary Event on January 29 and 30. It is from 10-5 Pacific. I have been to her workshops before and you will not be disappointed. Please check out her workshop in the link below to see if this is a fit for you.


FYI- I get no monetary benefit by introducing you to Erin, I just love what she does and want to amplify her message. 

Join us on the Feed Your Soul with Kim Podcast where I discuss why dieting is a horrible New Years resolution.

You might have already started one of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions: lose weight and start exercising. We know that by mid-February 80% of people who made a New Year’s Resolution lose their resolve.

Join us on the Feed Your Soul with Kim Podcast as we discuss:

  • Who led you to believe that dieting was a good idea at the New Year?
  • The four feelings that accompany your dieting New Year’s Resolution.
  • Five steps you can take now to have a different outcome.



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