Could you use more happiness? Is there actually a way to be happier? In Gretchen Rubin’s book, The Happiness Project, she challenges us to look at happiness and see what we can do to boost it. Gretchen engages her readers in different concepts each month to build a stronger foundation of happiness.

This week we are looking at finding happiness for the month of February and we are focusing on love. You do not have to be in a marriage or intimate relationship to listen to this podcast, because we cover all forms of relationships: work, home, school, neighborhood and friendships.

Her happiness project is fun and helps us explore the idea of happiness and how to increase it.

Episode 39 –Finding Happiness ~ Love

Join us on the Feed Your Soul with Kim Podcast as we discuss:

  • How can happiness feed our soul?
  • Discover 5 ways to increase your happiness now.
  • Learn how love increases your happiness.

Here is a link to the Subjective Happiness Scale we discussed in the Podcast. http://sonjalyubomirsky.com/subjective-happiness-scale-shs/

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